Customer Tracking & Loyalty


Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty tracking in servio is an amazing feature used to give your loyal customers a reward point system for being a customer as well as a great way to drum up business. With this feature, you can customize what customers can receive with the points they accumulate.

Add Customers

To view and create customers, click on the menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Customers’. The customer list will be displayed.

  • To add a new customer, click on the ‘add customer sign’ at the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter the customer details in the field provided.

  • Click ‘Add customer’.

 Screenshot_20200717-140719_Servio.jpg                       Screenshot_20200717-140733_Servio.jpg

Note: When adding a customer you can customize their customer number we recommend maybe their phone number for easy entry and easy for the customer to remember.

How To Search For Customers

From your transaction screen click on the “add person” icon

From the right-hand corner click on the “search” icon. All the customers already saved will be listed.

Note: You will be able to search/ lookup a customer you want to add to the order by entering the information you saved for them.

Screenshot_20200717-142939_Servio.jpg                        Screenshot_20200716-141651_Servio.jpg

Add Customer to Order ( How to Add points to Customer )

In order to Track/ Add points to a customer, you must add them to the order before checking out.

Once You Create a Customer, Search for the one you want to add to the order. Just click on their name and it will add them to the order to track points     


Updating/Changing Or Removing Customer From order 

Just click the Current customer's name in the top right corner of the screen in the transaction cart screen 

And simply click the option you which to complete 



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