Registration & Setup


Downloading the App

Download the Servio app from Paxstore and install it directly on your PAX terminal. Once loaded you can register and log in using the retailcloud credentials provided in your welcome letter.


Tap on the Servio icon to open the app on your device.



A merchant will activate the Servio license directly on the terminal. They will be prompt for the number of licenses and their username and password as well as a company code.

Number of Licenses -Usually 1. If they will be using several devices at the store, enter the number that will be used. The License Fee is per device. The Register ID will be 1. One license will be created with a successful activation and an additional register will be created and the register IDs provided.

Optional Partner code can be entered (Not used at this time)

Company Code: This is the shortcode for the business. It will be used to register the Servio app, mInventory, and nGauge. Do not use spaces or special characters - keep it simple and short, such as Beverly’s Custom Hair Supplies, shorten to BCHS or Beverlys

Username: Best practice is using a short code for the owner or primary user’s name Janet Smith may be JSmith. Do not use spaces or special characters.

Password: Advise the user to remember the password used, it will not be available again, so they will need to write down/remember what password they are using. Minimum requirement 6 characters, 1 upper case, 1 lower case, no spaces

Email: Enter the Primary user's email address. It's important to use the merchant's email address so that they receive new account correspondence and future update notices and ongoing account information

Name: Enter the primary contacts name

The username and password used in creating the account will be used to access Servio, mInventory, and nGauge.

Enter credit card information for the annual billing.

Once Activated, log into the application using the Username, password.


To access the application the user has to register with retailcloud and then log in to their account. Click on 'Activate' to register the account.




Enter the username supplied on your welcome letter (email). If you have not created a merchant account, select Sign Up to start the signup process.


Enter the password supplied in your welcome letter.

Company Code

Enter the Company Code supplied in your welcome letter. This is usually the name of your business

Register ID

Enter the register ID supplied in your welcome letter. This is usually 1.


App Modes

Servio has two different app modes available :

  1. Restaurant Mode
  2. QSR Mode

Please contact if you wish to set up the app mode.


Login With Pin: This is a PIN entry feature where the user can log in with 4 digit pin number. This simplifies the login process, saving time, and allows for an easier to remember the PIN. User name/password would not be required. The pin does not expire and the forgotten pin must be reset on the web portal.


Login with Password

Provide the login credentials into the following fields.




This will be the username for your respective user. You can have a different username,passwords for different types of users (Admin, Cashiers, Store Managers)


Enter the password supplied in your welcome letter.


4 Digit pin which can be used in lieu of a password.

Note: The last chosen option to log in (PIN/Password) will be set as the default login page.

The home screen of the application will be displayed soon after the user has logged in. The home screen displays the Transaction Cart.

Store Configuration

 Modify Store name, Store hours, Register name and change the Tax rate. These are set by default so if merchants want to change it they can quickly change it and will take effect on their store.

  1. Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Store Config’.

  2. Add/Update the company details in the provided fields.

  3. Click ‘Save’.



    Store Name: Modify the name of the Store.

    Store Hours: Add or modify store hours.

    Register Name: Enter the register name.

    Tax Rate: Modify the tax rate.

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