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As the industry grows there are many different ways a customer can pay for purchases other than with cash or a credit card. For example, a customer may have purchased a Groupon for your store and wish to pay using this.  Or various 3rd party order services collect payment from the customer and then send it to you periodically.  Track all these payments using the custom tenders.

If you want to accept a form of payment that is not available by default in ZeroPOS you can create a custom payment type.

Why use custom tender types? 

Here are a few examples of why you might want to use a custom tender type:

  • If you wish to process credit card payments outside of retailcloud on a separate terminal, custom payment types would be a way to do it.

  • If you accept gift cards from another company (like a corporate parent or affiliate, for example), a custom payment type would be a good way to handle this.

Creating Custom Tenders 

Login to Console 

Navigate to Settings ---> Payment Settings --> Tenders


Click the blue Add Custom Tender button.


Enter the Tender Name and select the Payment Type from the drop-down (Cash/Card/Wallet/Other)


Hit Save

On POS, once the manual sync is completed, all the above-saved tenders will be available under Configurations. Users can enable or disable any custom tender as per their needs.

Enable Custom Tenders

  1. Login to ZeroPOS
  2. Click on the menu icon from the home screen, ConfigurationPaymentSettings.2022-10-11_16_55_20-Window.png
  3. All the Custom Tenders configured (currently internally) will be listed here. Check the Accept Type to enable the tenders as required. This tender is now available to use at the POS.
  4. All the enabled custom tenders will be displayed on the transaction cart screen, along with the default tender buttons.2022-11-09_16_51_30-Screenshot_20221109-032000.jpg__-_Photos.png


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