Common Issues


Issue : Items scanned and put in the sales cart and then disappear from the cart

Reason : No Negative Quantity is enabled

Troubleshooting : If they want to disregard what quantity is in the system and sell it even if the quantity is not a positive #, then disable this function on the TabPOS configuration.

Issue : Bar code scanner is beeping but not taking any barcodes.(Elo)

Elo Settings configuration

Go to home --> swipe and navigate to configuration 2. Click hardware tab 3. Click devices from let section 4. Make sure Elo is selected. Navigate back to home screen . Logout and login back and try again.

Issue :  "All Items" button missing on Quick Picks

Once your item list reaches 100 items, the software is designed to omit the "All Items" tab for the reason it would take quite a bit of loading time to display over 100 items.

If there are items which are not represented within your Quick Picks, you can use the search field (represented by the magnifying glass) to find those items by name.

Issue : Unable to update the customer details while doing sale transaction

Modify the last customer ID on CAS to a lower #, so that the tablet customer ID is unique

Issue : Unable to pair PAX EMV reader with tablet

Check :

  • Is the tablet connected to the internet, pull up a site from your browser to verify.

  • Verify that the IP address is "Standard" to pair it with the Tablet. Should be in the normal format, such as

  • Verify that the IP address is entered in the tablet without lead zeros. If the IP address in the Pax is enter it as (followed by the port )

  • It would be entered as (Ex:

  • The Application in the PAX should have a https Get Command for communicating with the Tablet (this is set up by your processing company)

Issue  : Storage exception error on Android Elo Tablets

This happens when a USB printer is plugged into the device.

When making changes in the settings, it will be necessary to unplug the printer until the changes are done. Then it can be plugged in again.

Issue  : Please Settle Error Message

Batch not Closed/Your terminal memory may be full and need to clear the cache.

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