Transaction Tab


The transaction tab is where the user will process their sales transactions, including returns of merchandise from customers.


Ringing up a Sale can be done by scanning a barcode, keying in the UPC, using the General Sale Calculator, or using Quick Picks:

  • All available payment types are displayed - simply click on the desired mode of payment (Which includes Cash, Credit, Debit, EBT, Check, Gift, Split Tender).
  • General Sale button will bring up the item calculator. Then all you do is enter the amount and you can sell a general merchandise item for the amount entered.
  • Recommended Items are set up on CAS and displayed at the top of the page. You can drag the recommended item to the transaction window and add it to your purchase.
  • Adding a Customer to the sales transaction. This allows you to know their transaction history. If you select the customer you will get a drop-down that lets you choose between View, Search Customer, Add New Customer and Remove Customer.
  • The Points box is where your customer loyalty points will show up if Loyalty was enabled on your domain.
  • The Search button is for you to search your item by ItemID/UPC/Name on CAS.
  • The Return button is there if you want to return an item.
  • The Scan button is there if you want to scan the item into the transaction window using the camera on the tablet.
  • The Clear Cart button is there if you want to void out the transaction
  • The Chat button is there if you need assistance, it will navigate you to our Chat portal then you can chat with one of our customer support representatives,
  • The Home button is there if you want to return to the Home Page.
  • The Tablet - Quick Pick button is there if you have set up Quickpick for items that are quick sellers and don't need barcodes.
  • All Items tab is displayed if your total item count is less than 100.

Transaction Level edits and features - access this side panel to perform functions that apply to the entire sales transaction. These features include suspending the transaction, opening the cash drawer, adding a salesperson to the transaction, and more.

Users are unable to sell items with a 0 or negative quantity - only available items can be sold. 


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