The Item Tab on the retailcloud ZeroPOS system is a crucial feature for managing inventory within your domain. This document provides an overview of the Item Tab and its functionalities, including displaying items, filtering, adding items, editing items, and more. It also outlines the mandatory fields required when adding or editing items. Let's dive into the details:


  • The Item Tab is where you can view all the items in your inventory, displayed based on your customizations.
  • Depending on your setup, the view may have multiple layers to navigate through.
  • Recommended views include displaying all items (for a smaller inventory) or displaying items by department or other classifications (for larger inventories).


Display Options:

You can choose different display options within the Item Tab: 

  • Displaying all items: This option is recommended for smaller inventories. 
  • Grid mode: This mode allows you to display more items in a single line, useful when browsing through a larger inventory. 
  • Displaying by department or other classifications: This view filters items based on the selected classification, which is recommended for businesses with extensive inventories.


Here are some things you need to know when you are selling items from the tablet application.

  • First, you always have to have QOH on your items, if you don't you won't be able to sell them through the application.
  • The application will let you know if you have any QOH on the items by having a checkmark on the picture that allows you to sell the item because you have some in your stock.
  • If you have items with no QOH or negative QOH you will not be able to add them to the cart.

Some other Functions on the Item Tab are Filter, Add item, and Adding to the cart


  • Search: You can search for items by name.
  • Filter: This button allows you to filter items based on various attributes such as Vendor, Department, Category, Sub Category, Size, Color, and Brand. 
  • Add Item: Clicking the plus sign takes you to the add item page. Ensure to fill in all mandatory fields for successful item addition. 
  • Shopping Cart: It displays the number of items in your current shopping cart.

When you have items in your Shopping Cart and you select the Transaction Tab your items will be there and you will have your totals for that transaction.

Adding Item

The add item page on the tablet allows you to add new items to your inventory.

  • It is convenient for adding items as they arrive at the store.
  • You can also add pictures to facilitate clienteling, allowing customers to see item visuals before making a purchase.
  • Mandatory fields when adding a new item include Item ID, UPC, Name, Vendor, Selling Price, Department, Category, and Subcategory.
  • Additional details such as size, color, style, discount, brand, cost price, season, royalty and tax, vendor, serialization level, tax inclusive, and no discount can also be provided.


Editing Item

Once you have your items in the system, occasionally things change and you need to make a change to the items. From ZeroPOS, you can edit your items by changing the tax code, price, attributes, etc.

The following are the steps to edit an item:

  • Go to the Item Tab
  • Select the item you want to edit (you will see the general information on the item)
  • Click on the item (you are taken to a more specific screen with your full item information)
  • Press the crayon (edit button) located on the blue navigation bar.Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 5.07.11 PM.png
  • You are taken to the screen with current item details, here you can make the modifications needed
  • When done, press the green check to save the changes.Screenshot

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