Registering the application - This is loading your domain information (your items, inventory, discounts, etc) onto the tablet application.

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Username: Enter the username supplied in your welcome letter (email). If you have not created a merchant account, select Sign Up to start the sign up process.

Password: Enter the password supplied on your welcome letter (email)

Company Code: Enter the Company Code supplied in your welcome letter (email). This is usually the name of your business

Register ID: Enter the register ID supplied on your welcome letter (email) - This is usually 1 (do not use a register ID that you are using on another device... each device should have its own register ID (using the same register ID in multiple devices will cause conflict with sales transaction reporting).

You will see the tablet synchronizing database which just means that it is downloading all of the information you entered into CAS/Console and setting itself up to record vital information as a register for your company.

If the synchronization completes successfully you will get a success message and you are now able to log in to the device, using your usernames and passwords for your domain.

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Sign Up

If you load the application but do not have a retailcloud account yet, press the Sign up button to enroll. Once you are set up, you will receive an email with login credentials. Use these credentials to Register - and you are on your way to enjoying the benefits of retail made simple.

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