Factor4 Gift Cards Integration


retailcloud system is now integrated with the Factor4 gift card processor. You can securely process all gift card and loyalty transactions in real-time on retailcloud POS. Once you have received your Gift Card Merchant credentials (as well as your physical gift cards) you should enter the information into the system.


About Factor4

Factor4 is a leading provider of Omni channel gift card and loyalty program solutions. They operate a vertically integrated technology platform that securely processes all gift card and loyalty transactions in real time at the point of sale. This omnichannel solution provides a seamless shopping experience across all platforms-in store, online, and mobile. Contact-free functionality adheres to social distancing practices by enabling the ability to text and email gift cards directly to recipients from their web portals.

Getting Started

Mainly there are 3 steps involved in accepting Gift cards as a payment type for TabPOS. 

  1. Setup and Activate your Giftcard account with Factor4
  2. Set up the Giftcard items for your accounts
  3. Selling Gift cards and Accepting Payment as Gift cards

Settings on Console and POS

Login to Console 

Navigate to Settings ---> Payment Settings --> Gift Card Processor

Once you have your merchant account, you will be provided with Account information such as

Location ID

6-digit numeric

Client ID

3-digit numeric

Terminal ID

1-digit numeric

Integration Auth

9-character alphanumeric

Integration Password

13-character alphanumeric



Click on the Set Up Gift Card button


Select the appropriate drop down from Venue, Store & Register and choose factor as Gift Card Processor

Enter the following account details:

Client ID

Location ID

Terminal ID

Integration Auth

Integration Password

And hit the Save button

On POS, once the manual sync is completed, all the above-saved information will be auto-populated.

Set up the Gift card items for your accounts

To sell gift cards to your customers, you need to set up a service item as below

1. Create an item under Master item (ex: GIFT01) for $0.00 and Item Type as "Service Item"

2. Save the Item

Selling Gift cards

When a customer wanted to purchase a gift card, please follow the steps below

  1. Sell the item set up in the previous step (ex: GIFT01)
  2. The system will prompt you to enter the Amount the gift card is to be sold for. Enter the desired amount and collect payment as one of the available tenders (CASH, CREDIT, DEBIT, CHECK, etc)
  3. Print the receipt and note down the transaction number

At this point, you have successfully sold a gift card. The next step is to activate the gift card

Activating a Gift Card 

  1. From the transaction screen, swipe from the left and click "Gift Card Activation"
  2. Enter the Gift Card Number, Amount from the previous gift card sale, and Transaction Number from the previous step and Submit.
  3. You will see a success message if activated successfully.

Balance Inquiry

  1. From the transaction screen, swipe from the left and click "Gift Card Balance Inquiry"
  2. Enter the Gift Card Number and click Submit.
  3. You will the Gift card balance on the screen.

Accepting Gift cards as Payment

If you are using a PAX terminal, the gift card can be swiped on the PAX for Sale transactions

1. Add items to the cart

2. Click on the Tender Type "Gift"

3. Click Submit

4. The PAX terminal will ask the user to Swipe / Input the Card Number. It can be swiped or manually entered.

5. Proceed to complete the transaction. 

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