How to Generate Sales Forecast Report?


A sales forecast report is a detailed document that showcases all the important data you acquired through regular sales forecasting and displays an estimate for future company sales. It is most commonly shared with the company leadership and board members. 

The primary objective of sales forecasting reports is to make decision-making easier for high-level company members. For example, a sales manager will use this report to see how his team will close out. Or, the VP of sales can use it to organize the sales process for the upcoming period.

By coming up with an accurate sales forecast and knowing roughly how much you are going to make in a certain time frame, you can invest in additional staff, buy more inventory, and reduce the number of delays.

How to Generate Sales Forecast Report?

Login to Console

Navigate to Reports--> Custom Reports --> Sales Forcast Report


Click on the Download button to download the report as a CSV file.



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