How to Set up Payment Processor?


You can configure your payment processing with any one of our integrated payment processors, provided they're supported in your region. As a general overview, doing so involves the following steps: 

  1. Getting your payment processing POS credentials
  2. Integrating your retailcloud account with your payment processor
  3. Testing your payment processing

Before you begin, you'll need to have an account with one of our integrated payment processors and purchase a supported credit card terminal or card swiper.

Getting your payment processing POS credentials

Depending on your payment processor, you need the POS credentials below. You can get them from your payment processor account or by contacting your payment processor.

Payment Processors Prerequisites


  1. MerchantID
  2. DeviceID
  3. Username ( Starts with TA )
  4. Password

First Data Rapid Connect

  1. MerchantID
  2. GroupID
  3. Terminal ID


  1. BankID
  2. MerchantID
  3. TerminalD
North American Bancard
  1. Payanywhere account setup with username and password
  2. PA SDK Installed on your device
  3. Device is encrypted with Payanywhere Encryption

Payment Gateway Settings on POS (WinPOS)

On the WinPOS, you can create and save your payment gateway settings, as well as modify the existing settings. 

Selecting the payment gateway: Available gateways are available from the dropdown selection. Please notify your reseller or retailcloud support of additional gateway options.

DTP (Direct to Processor) - Users that are not using a payment gateway and are processing their credit card transactions directly to their merchant processor, would select PAX from the Gateway option.

Payment processing settings are managed by users with the appropriate rights. If using a gateway, make sure that you have obtained your payment information from your payment processor, and verified that it is in live mode and set to process all types of transactions.

The following details are mandatory

  1. Users must have a merchant account to accept Credit Cards.
  2. Users must have an account set up by your payment processor.
  3. Users must have the Login name and Password created (the password created can contain special characters).

The user can allow hand-keyed transactions by checking the Manual Entry of card details.

If prevent verification is checked, the unit will not verify the transaction. This is used for tracking media sales when other forms of verification are used (an additional wireless credit card unit or check guarantee) 

Caution: with these checked the POS unit will not verify live transactions. It assumes you already have the needed verification and prints a receipt. Manual Entry does not need to be checked to use prevent verification

Supported Payment Mode

This part will define which payment options merchants will accept from their customers, Credit, Debit, Check, Gift Cards, and In-Store Credit

Supported Credit Cards

User will be able to verify the supported card types he is able to accept at his location e.g., VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, etc 

NOTE: Before accepting a card type at your location it is important that you check with your processing company on what card types you are able to accept at your location.

PAX (Direct to Processor)


If your credit card processing will be going directly to the processor (using a Pax device and sending the transactions directly to the processor - not through a payment gateway), the setup needs to be completed indicating the IP address for communication.

PAX IP Address: You will need to enter the IP Address from your PAX EMV Device.

This will send a message directly to the processor when a credit card is run, there is no need for a client‌

You will need to define which payment options you will accept from your customers: Credit, Debit, Check, Gift Cards, and In-Store Credit when configuring your PAX device.

Supported Processors

  • Global (Transit, Tsys, Heartland)
  • First Data Rapid Connect
  • Vantiv
  • North American Bancard
  • 1stpay
  • Worldpay/Vantiv Shift4 (Fitech uses Vantiv)
  • Bridgepay
  • Elavon
  • Fiserv(on Omaha and Rapid Connect)
  • Bluefin
  • Apriva
  • Cardknox
  • NAB
  • PaygistiX
  • Nuvei

Testing your payment processing

After you configure a payment processor and set up your card reader or terminal, test your integrated credit card processing by charging the credit card a minimal amount and then voiding the charge.


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