Supported Hardware

The following are the bundled systems supported, you can use any Android tablet that meets the minimum requirements

ADT ProPort Bundle

Star Micronics mPOP


Compatible Android Tablets

Screen Size


Sample Tablets

12 inch family Landscape Mode 12.2 inches

2560 x 1600 pixels

Samsung Note Pro 12.2Samsung Tab Pro 12.2

10 inch FamilyLandscape Mode

10.0, 10.1 ,10.2, 10.5 inches

1280 x 800 Pixels

2560 x 1800 Pixels2560 x 1600 Pixels

Google Pixel C

Samsung Tab S 10.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

Samsung Galaxy 4 10

Samsung Note 10.1

Asus Zenpad 10.1ADT Proport OEM Tablet

8 & 9 inch Family

Landscape Mode 8.4 Inches

2560 x 1600

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Portrait Mode support for various screen sizes

Less than 8 inch , Lower resolution


ADT ProPort Installation Process

The PROPORT is a professional-grade Android touch-screen tablet built for business and designed primarily as a customer-facing, fixed or purposed device. It is powerful enough to run a wide range of demanding applications and flexible enough to be utilized in a huge variety of possible business scenarios.

Steps to install the ADT ProPort:

  • Installing the ProPort out of the box – consists of attaching the stand onto the tablet, temporarily removing the 2 side covers for access to the 4 USB ports and 1 micro USB Port
  • Plugin the power to tablet
  • Attach the USB printer, MSR, and Pole Display

Cable Management (3).pdf - 496KB

  • Plugin the Cash Drawer into the USB Printer so your cash drawer to open on Cash Sales
  • Once you plug everything into the tablet, turn on wifi.

Quick Start Guide.pdf - 1MB

  • Enter a gmail account, as you will need this to access the play store.
  • Once you have access to google play store download the TabPOS application, (search retailcloud on playstore)
  • Log into the TabPOS application and register the merchant account using the system admin credentials in the welcome letter. Once registered, log in using the Financial or Cashier log in
  • Enable the printer from the hardware configuration tab - under Primary Printer make sure USB is selected and Star is selected then save it by checking the green check mark.

You are now ready to start enjoying retail made simple!

PROPORT 10.1″ Android Tablet Specifications

- Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

- 4, USB 2.0 Ports (full-size, powered)

- 2.0 GHz Intel® Atom™ Z2580 Processor

- Micro USB

- PowerVR SG X544 GPU

- HDMI (full-size)

- 2 GB RAM

- MicroSD Card Slot

- 16 GB EMMC Flash ROM

- GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output)

- Bluetooth (v4.0 Broadcom 4330)

- Audio Headset / Microphone Jack (Stereo)

- WIFI (802.11 b/g/n Broadcom 4330)

- Microphone

- 10.1” Capacitive, Multi-touch Screen Panel (1280×800)

- Swipe to Wake Feature

- Front Facing Camera (2 MP)

- Dimensions: 260 x 170 x 25 mm (10 x 7 x 1 in.)

Star Wifi Printers

Step #1: Connect to wifi and get an IP address.

Step #2: Once you have the IP Address, you can pair with retailcloud as below

Go to Configuration--> Hardware -->Search for Kitchen printing. Enter the IP address in the field provided.

Star Printers Guide

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