Merchant Info


Merchant Info provides the basic Information about the merchant and the store. Important: If logged in with sufficient rights, you can update the default settings (store name, sales tax rate, employees)


The following details are included in the merchant information:

  • ID: The unique ID assigned to the merchant. (Merchant ID)
  • Name: The name of the merchant or business. (Company Code/Domain)
  • Address: The physical street address where the merchant is located.
  • City: The city where the merchant is situated.
  • State: The state or province where the merchant is located.
  • Country: The country where the merchant is based.
  • Phone: The merchant's primary telephone number.
  • Mobile: The mobile phone number associated with the merchant.
  • Email: The merchant's email address for communication and notifications.
  • Store ID: The ID assigned to the specific store within the merchant's business.
  • Venue ID: An identifier assigned to the venue of the merchant.
  • Register ID: The unique ID assigned to the POS register used by the merchant.

The below fields can be edited as required,

  • Store Name: The name of the specific store or branch within the merchant's business.
  • Store Hours: The operating hours of the store, specifying the opening and closing times.
  • Register Name: The name assigned to the specific POS register used by the merchant.
  • Tax Rate: The applicable tax rate or rates for the merchant's products or services.
  • Use/Employee Details: Information related to employees associated with the merchant.
    • User: The user account or employee.
    • Username: The username used by the employee.
    • Password: The password associated with the employee's username.
    • Email Address: The email address of the employee.

You also have the option to add a new user by clicking on the Add Cashier button.

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