Optionally function to :

  • Open/Close Bank
  • Misc Cash Transactions
  • Tip Payout
  • Z Report
  • Batch Close

Open Bank/Close Bank

This page lets you open and close the bank.

Supervisors are only allowed to open the bank, if a cashier tries to open bank it will ask for the supervisor's login.


You enter the starting amount of your bank (money in the cash drawer) and press save. Now you will know how much cash you started with and if you made any profit


When closing the bank you enter the amount of your bank (money in the cash drawer) at the end of the day and press save. You should have an equal amount to the daily sales summary report for CASH.

Misc Cash

Sometimes your business needs to take money from the cash register, but it’s not for a sales transaction – no inventory is sold. The cash is used for paying out on a winning lotto ticket or something similar. This feature allows cash to be utilized in the register to make a payment in the course of business. The amount received or disbursed will be deducted from the cash balances. This is a petty cash transaction.

The Misc Cash feature allows you to specify a customized label for the payout to help you keep a record of what occurred. The new payout label name appears on your Daily Sales Report.



To perform this operation the user enters the cash amount and comments which help identify the reason for the transaction, then the user indicates if the funds are received or disbursed, and saves the transaction. The amount is the only mandatory field. Validation will be performed to verify that the amount is greater than zero and less than the available cash balance for a disbursement. The cash drawer will open and the transaction will be saved.

Cash Receipt

This allows the user to receive cash into the register.

Cash Disbursement

This allows you to give money from the register and have a record of you doing it. (Ex. Lotto Payout)

Tip Payout

This page allows merchants to have a record of Tip Payouts within the business.

This is useful for restaurants that have waiters and waitresses that get Tips for their service.

To give Tips to your employees you can enter how much they made in Tips and you enter it under a Transaction Amount so you know how much and who is getting the Tip.


Z Report

The Z Report allows for the ability for a manual Z (zero out), that will have totals reset at the POS. It is used to close out the register along with tracking totals for a shift change (in addition to the daily totals being automatically Z'ed out at 4 am daily)

A pop-up will appear confirming that by pressing the Z report button the user realized that the totals will be reset.


Batch Close

This feature will initiate the transfer of open credit card transactions from the POS register to the host bank. 

Go to Settings (navigation bar) → ManagementBatch Close

Click on the 'Batch Close' button, which will prompt for confirmation. Click 'Yes' to close the batch.

Verify that the screen indicates that the batch is accepted. Once the batch has been closed, a receipt will print verifying the batch closed amount.


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