Margin Alert


This feature allows you to view the actual Margin and the Anticipated Margin of all sales items under a 50% gross margin. The percentage of Margin Threshold can be configured through Settings.

From Dashboard, click on Settings (3 bars on top of the screen) --> Margin Alert.

A list of all items under a 50% margin will be displayed here. It shows the Item Name, UPC, ItemID, Margin %, Cost Price, Selling Price.

Margin_Alert.jpg                        margin.jpg

Click on the item, which will display the Margin & Anticipated Margin. 

Selling Price of the Item can be updated here. 

It displays the Last Purchase Date, Cost Price, Quantity On Hand(QOH), Sales & COGS values.

Set up Margin Percentage

Navigate to Settings--> Margin Threshold --> Update the percentage value in the field and click Save.

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