Scale Tare Setup


If you sell products by weight, you may wish to enter a container weight or tare. When a container weight or tare is configured, it gets deducted from the total weight.

This means that if, for example, you sell yogurt by weight, you can now enter the yogurt cup's weight so the customer does not get charged for the weight of the yogurt cup.

On POS, go to Configuration --> Hardware --> Scales --> Scale Tare


Define your tare rates here :

Enter the Tare Name, Tare Rate, and click on Add to save. 

Example: Small Cup, Medium Cup, Large Cup, No Tare, etc. 

Once the tare setup is done, when you weigh the items on the scale the system will prompt you to select the tares buttons you configured which will get deducted from the gross weight to obtain the net weight.

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