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Thank you very much for onboarding with retailcloud! This guide will walk you through the process of configuring the Tikt Application.

This document is intended to be used as a self-guide for your implementation process. It outlines the necessary processes from building your menu to processing orders and give you an idea of a typical implementation process and help you to get up and running. 

Implementation Checklist

The following activities must be completed to fully Implement the Tikt Application. Please use this checklist as a guide. While the activities are presented in sequential order, many can be worked on simultaneously.

  • Log Into Console– Shortly after your account creation, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail from retailcloud inviting you to log in to the Tikt back-end, Console.  This is where the Tikt configuration process begins.
  • Configuring Tikt– Configuring Tikt to meet your operational requirements is very user-friendly. Please refer to this Setup Guide to learn how to set up your system. Key Configurations:- Subdomain Setup, QR Code Generation, Printers, Printer Groups, Location and Tax Rates.
  • Configuring POSServio/Expeditor App is currently available from PAX Store and retailcloud customers can obtain directly from the PAX Store for the supported handheld devices. Please refer to this Setup Guide to learn how to set up your pos system.
  • Building Menu– Building menus is a crucial component of the Tikt setup. We highly recommend reviewing this Guide before entering menu items into the back-end of Tikt. Make sure to give yourself a couple of days before you go live to test and edit your menu setup on your application.

You should fully configure your system before your go-live date.

Tikt User Guide

The first and most important advice: Assign one person to be in charge of this project. Let him/her be your spokesperson for support questions and your go-to person to train others.

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