Tikt Merchant Portal


The 'Console' portal is the backend for the Tikt application where all the to set up and management is done. The restaurant owners can simply access the merchant portal with the login credentials provided in the welcome letter. 


To access Console, the merchant has to register with retailcloud and then log in to their account. Provide the following details.




Enter the username supplied on your welcome letter (email). If you have not created a merchant account, select Sign Up to start the signup process.


Enter the password supplied in your welcome letter.

Company Code

Enter the Company Code supplied in your welcome letter. This is usually the name of your business


The dashboard of the console portal displays your sales analytics with a graphical representation of Paid Orders, Sold items, Average order Amount, setup work progress with a progress bar which simply indicates when you are done with the setup and ready to take your orders from the Tikt app. It also shows the status of Menu Categories, Modifiers, Items, and Menus setup.







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