Pick-Up Orders


You can set up the option for customers/guests to pick up their orders at your restaurant.

To do this, generate the pickup QR Codes option for the location where customers can scan and place orders.

Generating Pick-Up QR Codes

To generate a QR Code for Pick Up order, from the console portal, navigate to Settings → QR Code Generator

Click on the Pick-Up button 

Title: Enter a title for the QR Code. Eg:-"Contactless Menu"

Caption: Enter a caption here. Eg:- "Scan To View Menu"

Restaurant Location Name: Enter/select the restaurant name to be displayed. Eg:-"La Casa Restaurant"

No of Copies: Enter the number of copies required to print.

Size: Print in different sizes. 4"x 6" and 5"x 7" are the default sizes available.

Click the Print button to print the QR Codes.


Setting Up Pick-Up Menu

If your restaurant provides both In-Seat as well as Pick-up Items, and you want to display only items available for pickup on the Tikt menu, you can do this by customizing your Menu. To do this,

Go to Menu --> Select a Location --> Create a New Menu or Edit an existing Menu.

Click here to know more about Menu Creation & Setup

On the Menu Tab/Category, check the "Pickup Only" option which will only display the menu tabs which have this option enabled so that when a customer scans a pick-up QR code, Tikt will only show the Items eligible for pickup and not all the items on your menu.


Orders will be sent directly to Kitchen(If this is configured). You can also print a pickup slip/receipt to attach to the order. The receipt will have the Customer Name, Pickup Code, Order Date & Time, Order Number, Ticket#, and Item Details.

It is also a good practice to confirm the pickup code and the customer's name when they come to pick up their order.

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