Tikt Configurations


Setting Up SubDomain 

Restaurant owners can set up a subdomain, create and print unique QR Codes for all the tables according to their restaurant floor plan. 

From the home page navigate to ‘Settings’ on the left-hand menu bar icon which will take you to the Settings page.

General Settings

Tikt URL

  1. To add a subdomain, from the home screen navigate to Settings General Tikt URL
  2. Enter the custom name/URL in the field provided. For Ex:-yourrestaurantname.tikt.app
  3. Click on the ‘Create’ button to add the subdomain.


Payment Settings

Setup Tip

Manage the tip amount that customers get to choose from while checking out. This tip amount will be added to the payment total.

Toggle the button to enable the tipping option at checkout.


Setup Payment


Click on the Setup Payment to configure the payment settings

Enter the Merchant ID, Terminal ID & Password, and Save.

You can Enable/Disable the payment option at the checkout by switching the button ON/OFF


Tax Settings

Create a Tax Structure to apply a tax rate to an item. Items may only have one Tax Structure applied to them, the default rate for the enterprise for a tax structure is established here

To set up tax details, navigate to Settings GeneralTax 


Each Tax Structure must have its own unique Structure Name. You may also add Tax Labels for display on receipts. The use of the tax label would be if you are in an area that required a breakdown of the sales tax. If your sales tax rate is 11% and "Local Tax" is 8% and "City Tax" is 3%. The breakdown of tax is displayed on the customer receipt and reporting will be at the 11% tax name.


Click on Save to create the Tax Structure.

Location Settings

The existing locations/stores will be listed here. If you want to add a new location, click on the ‘Add Location’ button. Enter the location name, address, phone number & click Save.

Once the location is added you need to set up the Tables for the location.


Contact Tracing

Maintain accurate records of the names and phone numbers of your guests. Now with Console, you can enable contact tracing by different store location levels. By enabling Contact Tracing, each guest upon a successful login will receive a prompt to provide contact details (name & phone number) and you can keep records up-to-date. 


Prohibit VoIP Numbers

If you wish to prevent VoIP Numbers on your business, you can enable "Prohibit VoIP Numbers". When enabled, all customers joining the table will receive a secure code to verify their phone numbers.


Print Alternate Description

If you want to print an alternate name for items on the kitchen printers, you can enable it here.


Table Setup

Replicate your restaurant floor plan here for increased efficiency in table ordering and assign orders to tables to make meal distribution effortless. 


To add the table structure, go to Settings --> Tables. Select the Restaurant Name from the dropdown. Click on the ‘+’ button to add Area.


Area Name: Enter the Area Name such as Patio, Deck, Hall etc.

Click on the ‘+’ button under the area name to add the tables.

Enter the Table Name, No of Seats & No of Tables 

Choose a Table Type 

Click Save.


Assign a  Server to a Table/Area 

To assign a Server to a particular table group click on the 'Assign' button near the area name

Select the server name from the drop-down, multiple servers can be selected.


To Assign a Table to a Server, click on the Assign button on the particular table and select the Server from the dropdown box. Only a single server can be assigned to a table.


Printer Settings

Printer Group

You can now assign categories to be sent to individual printers. This feature gives you control over what items are sent to certain printers. For example, all of your drinks can be sent to the bar printer, while all appetizers, mains, and desserts can be sent to your kitchen to make sure no tickets get lost in the shuffle of running your restaurant.


Adding Printer Group

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Settings→ Printer→ Printer Group
  2. Click Add Printer Group at the top right side of the screen.
  3.  Type in the text box to add the Printer Group Name.
  4. Click Save to save the printer group.



Configure and manage your printer here. To add a printer follow the instructions below ;

  1. From the home screen, navigate to the Settings→ Printer → Printer Settings tab
  2. Click Add Printer at the top right side of the screen.
  3.  Select the printer model available from the dropdown or else you can also add a new printer model by clicking on the ‘Add New Model’ button by providing the Model Name & Vendor Name. 
  4. Select the Location/Store from the dropdown.
  5. Enter the MAC address in the field provided.
  6. Select Printer Category.
  7. Make sure to tick the check box ‘Accept Order from Tikt’ if you want to fire the orders directly from the Tikt app to Kitchen/Bar printers. 
  8. If you want to verify the orders before firing into the kitchen/bar you can uncheck the ‘Accept Order from Tikt’ which will send the orders directly to the Servio POS.
  9. Click Save to save the printer settings.



Server Tasks

Create or edit server tasks, which are displayed for the customer to select on the Tikt application. This makes it easy for customers to request common tasks from their server, without having to wave them down. Common server tasks are: Bring Water, Clear Table, Highchair, Menu Question


To add a new task, click on the 'Add Server Task' button, enter the task name, description and click Save.


User Management

Now let’s talk about the different users of your business. Console typically allows you to set up accounts or profiles for your team members who would be operating the system. They include:

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Cashier
  • Server
  • Cook
  • Chef
  • Bartender
  • Busser

Depending on your business, you may also have the option to set user roles, which enable or restrict users from accessing certain features or information. For example, while administrators may have full control over the system, cashiers would only have access to the sell screen. 

Go over the different roles in your business and set up your users accordingly.

To view and create users, navigate to SettingsUser Management. Already created users will be listed here.


Adding a new User

  • To add a new user, click on the Add User button.

  • Enter the employee details in the fields provided.

  • Click ‘Save’.


    Name: Enter the Name of User/Employee, this is the way that the employee's name will be displayed in reports and hierarchy access.

    User Name: Enter the User Name of User/Employee. Use a standardized format for login names, such as JaneDoe or JaDoe

    Password: Enter the Password for User/Employee. Passwords need to be between 7-20 characters alpha-numeric.

    PIN: Enter the 4 digit PIN for User/Employee. The PIN must be a 4 digit numeric code that should be unique to a user, using a number greater than 1000.

    Role: Select the user's role from the drop-down box. Each user must be assigned a Role. The options for roles are Server, Chef, Cook, Bartender, Busser, Dishwasher, Cashier, System Admin.

    Email: Enter the user's email address. This is recommended because it allows the user to use the forgot password function and email alerts.

    Type: Type refers to the type of employment, selection is made from the drop-down options of Permanent or Temporary.

    The Date of Birth and Date of Joining must be selected by clicking on the calendar

    Phone and Mobile numbers can be entered in any format. It is advisable to be consistent in how you enter them.

Generating QR Code

There are currently 2 options for generating QR Codes for your restaurant

  • In-Seat
  • Pick-Up

To generate QR Code for In-Seat table ordering, navigate to Settings QR Code Generator

Click on the In-Seat button (default selection)

Title: Enter a title for the QR Code. Eg:-"Contactless Menu"

Caption: Enter a caption here. Eg:- "Scan To View Menu"

Restaurant Location Name: Enter the restaurant name to be displayed. Eg:-"La Casa Restaurant"

Table Name: Select a table name to be displayed on the QR Code standee/table. Eg:-"Table 1"

No of Copies: Enter the number of copies required to print

Size: Print in different sizes. 4"x 6" and 5"x 7" are the default sizes available.

Click the Print button to print the QR Codes.


Generating QR Codes for Pick Up

To generate a QR Code for Pick Up order, navigate to Settings QR Code Generator

Click on the Pick-Up button 

Title: Enter a title for the QR Code. Eg:-"Contactless Menu"

Caption: Enter a caption here. Eg:- "Scan To View Menu"

Restaurant Location Name: Enter/select the restaurant name to be displayed. Eg:-"La Casa Restaurant"

No of Copies: Enter the number of copies required to print.

Size: Print in different sizes. 4"x 6" and 5"x 7" are the default sizes available.

Click the Print button to print the QR Codes.




Connect to your clover account and automatically sync your merchant details. Pairing your clover account lets you create menus with your restaurant details from clover.

Navigate to Settings --> Integration


If you have an existing clover account, click on the 'Connect' button and enter your clover merchant ID, and hit the 'Pair Now' button to pair.


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