Console Merchant Portal is a space for a merchant where one can manage everything related to their account and monitor business activity.

For a quick and easy introduction to the Merchant Portal, we have created this Merchant Guide. The Merchant Guide is designed for merchants to realize the full potential of their capacity. 

In this guide, you'll be able to find out more about account settings, dashboard features, customers' activity, transactions, analytics of your business, learn more about company settings, promotions, fees, etc.

If you need assistance please contact us at support@retailcloud.com

Console Login

Here users need to enter their credentials provided in the welcome letter (username and password) to access as Admin or Staff.


Provide the following details.




Enter the username supplied on your welcome letter (email). If you have not created a merchant account, select Sign Up to start the signup process.


Enter the password supplied in your welcome letter.

Company Code

Enter the Company Code supplied in your welcome letter. This is usually the name of your business.

The dashboard of the console portal displays your sales analytics with a graphical representation of Daily Sales, Hourly Sales, & Tender Type.

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