Mass Modify


This function allows the user to make a modification to multiple items. The screen is accessed from the Catalog-->Products screen and the Mass Modify button is selected from the top right corner of the screen. There are mainly 2 options for mass modification:

  1. Bulk Update
  2. Update Selling Price

Bulk Update

Bulk updates are modifications that apply to multiple or all products in your store. This feature helps you to manage, and modify information related to products on a large scale more efficiently instead of fixing individual products.


A user will be able to modify multiple items, by selecting the check box and Mass Modify. If you wish to select all the items at once, navigate the Check All box located near the ItemID column header.2022-12-13_10_32_40-Window.png

Click on Mass Modify --> Bulk Update2022-12-13_10_38_11-Window.png

An edit screen with the following fields is revealed, a change to which will affect all the selected products once you hit the Save button, visible to the bottom-right of the edit window.

From the bulk update screen a user will be able to update UPC, Master SKU, Product ID, Item Type, Status, Cost Price, Selling Price, Name, Product Name, E-Commerce Name, Classifications, Attributes, Vendor, Vendor Alias, Royalty Level, Discount, Tax Codes, Fees and Reorder Level.


Update Selling Price

This option allows store owners to update the prices for a huge number of products at the same time. The price can be changed according to the current product price or business cost.

Below are some actions which are included in the update actions:

  • Percentage: Add/Subtract a percentage of the amount in the existing price of the product
    •  Add
    • Subtract
  • Amount: Add/Subtract the amount on the existing product price
    • Add
    • Subtract
  • Fixed Amount: Change the price by a fixed amount. It will replace the existing price of the product.
  • COGS: Change the price of selected items to a percentage of its COGS.


This is extremely helpful, especially with stores that have a huge number of products. It can help store admins save a great amount of time on modifying each item’s price in turn.

Enable Price Rounding

This section will help you adjust/round your prices to the nearest decimal number (0.00/ 0.25/ 0.50). Check the Enable Price Rounding box and choose the rounding type: Rounding Up or Rounding Down from the drop-down menu. Choose the rounding options available (0.00/ 0.25/ 0.50).


For example, if you enter fields like the image above, it means you want to round the product sale price to the nearest number of the current selling price, so the unit row of the selling price is 15.

For example, if the current price is 14.69 the result will be 15. If you change the 0.25 option in the example the price would be 15.25. If you change the 0.50 option, the price will be 15.50

Barcode Generation after Price Update

The console portal makes it easy for users to generate barcodes for products that had a bulk price update.

Once you have completed the price update and saved it, a new pop-up confirmation window will appear asking if you would like to print barcodes with the updated price.


Proceed with the Default template or you also have the option to print cash the Discount Label to the barcode by selecting the Cash Discount Label template.

Enter the email address to which you want to send the generated barcodes.

Hit Generate Barcode button at the bottom to start initiating the process. 

This will by default print barcodes each based on the total items selected. On the example screenshot above only 3 barcodes will be generated.

If you want to customize the number of barcodes for each item, toggle the button indicated in the screenshot below


This will automatically populate the items with details & print quantity, which is the current QOH of the item. Users can update the Print Qty field based on the requirement.

Enter the email address to which you want to send the generated barcodes.

Hit Generate Barcode button at the bottom to start initiating the process. 

Once completed, barcodes will be available to download from the email.


Hit Click here link to download the barcodes as a pdf file.

Sample Barcodes 


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