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The Customer Group feature is a powerful marketing tool that lets you assign customers to any categories you choose.  This is often used for fundraisers or charity groups, or to identify employees at a nearby company. You can track purchase totals for the group and use groups to define coupon validity or auto-apply discounts/coupons to the group.

A customer can belong to more than one group. 

Navigate to CRM -->Customer Groups

This is where you’ll find all your customer groups, and where you’ll be able to create and edit new customer groups, as per your business requirements.

The search box enables you to search for a Customer Group by name.


Types of Customer Groups

We have a couple of options for defining Customer Groups.

  1. Static Groups
  2. Frequency-Based Groups
    • Frequency Based - Gross Margin
      Create a group based on your most profitable customers
    • Frequency Based - Sales
      Create a group based on the dollar amount of sales
    • Frequency Based - Transactions
      Create a group based on the frequency of visits/sales transactions


Creating Customer Groups

The creation of Customer Groups via the back office is relatively simple. Start by navigating to the menu --> CRM --> Customer Groups.

Static Group

Go to CRM-->Customer Groups -->Create Customer Group --> Static Group --> Create

Users can create a static group to provide special recognition to customers within these groups. Customers may belong to more than one group. Groups can also be designated as VIP groups giving all customers in that group VIP status.

  1. On the left menu of the portal, click CRM-->Customer Groups, and at the top of the screen, click Add Customer Group.
  2. Navigate to Static Group and click on the Create button to add a new group.
  3. Give a name to the new group.
  4. Save your changes.


Examples of groups can be regions where customers are from or consist of the customers that enrolled during a certain promotional period. When creating a customer, the user has the option to put the customer into one or multiple static groups. This function allows users to track sales and understand the buying patterns of different consumer markets.

If a customer is in multiple static categories, the customer is only eligible for one discount and the discount applied will be the one associated with the customer group last created (typically the one with the highest Customer Category ID).

Notice: This may not be the customer category with the greatest savings.

All that is required to create a group is to name the group and designate if it has VIP status or not.

Pricebook: Choose a price book from the drop-down and assign it to the customer group. This is used primarily to offer special pricing or discounts based on the static customer group. This is the highest level and if the price book applies to the customer, this one will be in place for the transaction (even if another discount is for a greater amount)

Customer Group Report

A report based on the customer group will be generated. This will allow you to see the sales figures for the selected group.


Frequency Based Groups

Go to CRM -->Customer Groups -->Create Customer Group --> Frequency based (Gross Margin/Sales/Transactions) --> Create

You can create a Frequency Bases Customer Group, where customers are added to the Customer Group based on qualifying for the group. Multiple levels can be defined, as well as the date range for qualifying.

Three options for defining your Frequency Based Customer Group
  • Gross Margin

    Based your group on your most profitable customer

  • Sales

    Based your group on the dollar amount of their sales with you

  • Transactions

    Based your group on the frequency of visits/sales transactions from your customers

Customer activity can be tracked based on Gross Margin, Sales Volume, or Transaction Count. Within each group, there can be many levels.

Select the tracking level you wish to establish, this will display the screen to define the group.

Defining the Frequency-Based Group

  • Select which Frequency Based Customer Group you want to create and click the  Create button
  • Group Name: The Customer Group’s name. Always important to have a name that is easily definable.
  • Active From: Date Range for Qualifying - Set the start date and select either rolling 12 months or Never reset.
  • Level Description: Name of the level
  • Set the minimum and maximum for qualifying for each level
  • VIP: Designate if the level will qualify the customer as VIP
  • Press Save when you are done.


Assigning Customers to Customer Groups (Static)

After creating the customer groups, Go to CRM --> Customers section and select a customer to view their details, once selected you can assign them to a particular customer group you have created.

Search for customers (if already created) and select the customer. When creating new customers, enter the customer details in the fields provided.

Navigate to the Customer Group section at the bottom and click on + Assign Static Group and select the customer group from the drop-down.


Customer Group Word Cloud

A word cloud graph is displayed on the customer group page which is based on the top attributes and classifications from which the customers from a particular group have purchased. Classification in which customer spent the most is displayed in the bigger size on the word cloud.



Tags can be assigned to Customer Groups from this section

Navigate to CRM -->Customer Groups

You’ll find all your customer groups listed here, select a customer group and navigate to the bottom of the page.


Select the tags which are already created from the suggested list or simply click on the +Add New button to create a new tag.


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