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How You Can Prepare?

  • Unpack and plug in the devices and peripherals, including any payment devices, CDS, KDS, label printers, deli /weighing scales, and routers.
  • Set a training date for key users to be present.
  • Make sure all user credentials have been created.

If you elected to have one of our onsite installers do the hardware installation, schedule them to do that before the training date has been scheduled

 The training will be done in two parts; one for the POS users and one for the portal (CAS) users.

 The POS training consist of front-end operations including

  • Navigating the configuration screens
  • Various ways to add items to a cart
  • Customizing your quick pick pages
  • Ringing up sales with discounts and promotions
  • Customer List Opt-ins
  • Configuring your CDS
  • Adding & Modifying Items
  • Loyalty Reward transactions
  • Inventory Receiving and Adjustments

The training for portal users depends on the modules you plan on using, and can consist of the following topics;

  • How to access the various phone applications
  • Managing employees, passwords and PINs
  • Reviewing the time and attendance features
  • How to add, modify and manage items
  • Understanding the options available at an item level
  • Keeping your classifications and attributes organized
  • Managing the various discount and promotions options
  • Running customer activity reports and CRM campaigns
  • Running sales and inventory reports
  • Setting up product reorder rules and options
  • Understanding purchase order management and vendor compliance


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