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Use this as a guide on your retailcloud implementation.

We offer two implementation plans – if you opted for one of our premium implementations plans this document will give you an outline of what to expect – if you selected a self- directed plan you can also use this document as a guideline. Our guide covers features available in all license levels and applications. Depending on the license level you are using, features covered in this guide may not be available.  

A typical implementation can be broken down into 5 steps

  1. Kickoff Call

  2. Gathering and Uploading your Data

  3. Installation & Training of your Team

  4. Go Live

  5. Reports and Tools

The premium implementation plan covers 10 days from receiving of hardware (or setup if there is no hardware being shipped by retailcloud) and is a maximum of 4 set up hours and 4 training sessions - additional hours can be added as needed.

Before we get started here are some things you should do that will help with a smooth implementation.

Start by fully reviewing the entire boarding process - this will give you an expectation of what to expect as we go through the various steps.

Designate someone to manage the process - this could be you or someone from your team. They would be responsible for gathering all the data that needs to be exported as well as understanding how the system works; typically, if this is not the owner, it is a trusted manager, as they will have a high level of access to data and be responsible for properly distributing the knowledge acquired during implementation.

Create a list of features that you must have and those that you would like to have. This is helpful, as it allows the implementation to start immediately and you don't have to use one of the 4 training hours for this. Have something you love about your current system or something you hate about it - let us know so we can figure out how to make sure we keep your must-haves and eliminate the problem areas whenever possible.

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