Adding your Data



Things to do while we are adding your data

  • Download and test the nGauge features
  • Download and test mInventory for item management and inventory
  • Track your shipments to make sure they will arrive prior to your installation or training date

Using the information you provided during the precall we will configure your accounts

Configuring your Account Settings

Here we will make necessary changes to your company setup; typically changes are needed for something you accidentally added in the setup. Verify the business address or preferred time zone and if you have provided us a logo, we will upload the logo so it appears on reports. 

If you have added the Payroll Extract module for new employee setup and timecard exports, we will also set up the Payroll Settings and Cost Centers.

If you are subscribing to the Invoicing module, we will create your Invoicing register and configure your invoice logo, terms and footer messages.  If you have enabled the seamless payment link, we will also enter those credentials that you provide.

Configuring your POS Settings

As part of your POS configuration, we will create your backup settings if you are using an sftp site. If you are using Dropbox, you can enter your username and password to your Dropbox account.

If you are using WinPOS we will also configure any Cash Drawer Settings, the Opening and Closing Bank options, Package Handling and Speed Key options.

If Customer Surveys are enabled, we will help you design the feedback questions and set up any followup survey questions you wish to use.

Configuring your Reorder Level Settings

Unless otherwise discussed, during the precall, we will preset the reorder level settings, to look at the last 10 days of sales data. Once you have been using our system for 180 days, you can look at the other methods of running the reorder report.


Configuring your Customer Group Settings

Create customer groups, either static groups or groups based on the customers sales history. Static customer groups are often used to provide special pricing to customers in the group. The Frequency based group will earn the status you define based on their sales history. 


Setting up Integrations

The loyalty program will also be set up to track points earned and set the rewards criteria. The system allows for one loyalty program to be established. Loyalty rules can be changed at any time in the future.

The integration with your Mailchimp email mailing service can be set up to allow for you to easily send promotional campaigns to your customers, using your customer database. 

If you are integrating Quickbooks Online, you will need to enter your credentials. For security reasons, we do not ask for your credentials and recommend you never share them with anyone.


Naming your Store and Registers

The system will create a default store and register for you. We will rename the default headings to those that you provided us in the kick-off call and also create any additional registers you have activated here and assign them to the appropriate store. We will also update the header and footer information to what you have provided.

Importing your data file

Once the configurations are done, we will import the files you sent us. Typically we should receive the following files from you

  • items with opening balances
  • customer file and customer groups
  • user file with roles and usernames

Other configurations

Quick Picks (Menu Pages) are best done on the POS, however if you would like us to create them for you and have notified us as to how you want them, we do it during this stage of the implementation.

If you have package items or extended item descriptions that you wish us to create, we will load the files that you have sent in the required format.


The key to getting all this information preloaded for you in the available time span of this step (3 hours) is in having a successful kick off call; the more information that you have ready to provide us during that call, the more we can do for you in this section of the implementation.



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