Go Live



 How You Can Prepare

  • Run a test credit card transaction
  • Check your sales and inventory totals on CAS and nGauge and your payment processor
  • Complete setup on all your modules and flags
  • Familiarize your team with the user guides and online chat, as well as the support ticketing system

 Ready to go live!

If you have selected our premium implementation, your IPM will be available to assist you with any of your needs. Our chat support team will also prioritize any support chats that your team may initiate.

If you are within your 10 day implementation period, your IPM is available for any last-minute assistance that you need, or even to do a quick refresher training with your team. They will also have access to a go-live technical support resource if any sudden problems arise in your infrastructure.

Be sure to verify that your batch deposits are closed daily and that they balance. After a day or two, you should schedule a follow-up training to review all the reports available to you on nGauge and on the portal.

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