The Finishing Touches



How you Can Prepare

  • Review the reports on nGauge and the portal
  • Create a user for your accountant and see if there is any specific data that they need that they were unable to find
  • Schedule a call to review the reports
  • Send an email to  on any questions you have regarding modules

 Now that you have been operating for a few days, its time to take a deeper dive into your reports.

During this last step of your implementation, we will review the Sales Total and SKU Level Sales reports, as well as the Inventory Balance Reports.

This training will also cover Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as Margin, Days in Stock, Sales Tax Reporting, as well as show you how you can quickly identify products that are below your target margin rate and identify potential problems with listed cost prices.

We will also review the customer activity reports and the auto-replenishment reporting that is available to you.

This is a good time to also address any questions that you have after the first few days of operation.

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