How to update Quantity through mInventory?


When adding a new item through the mInventory app, users can add opening quantity by simply inputting the QOH in the 'Quantity' field and Save from Product -->  Item Add screen.

But once an item is created/saved the quantity can only be updated by receiving it.

Follow the instructions below to receive the items and update the QOH

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Receive button.
  2. Click the ( + ) symbol at the bottom of the "Receiving Batch List" Screen to add a new batch.
  3. Enter the Batch name, Count Date(auto populates), Location type(Store/warehouse), and Location.
  4. Click 'Add item to batch '
  5. Scan the item using the "scanner" icon OR manually add the item by entering ItemID or UPC.
  6. Enter the Quantity and click on Add button. 
  7. Click 'Finish' to complete receiving.
  8. Choose the options Receive to Finish the receiving.

Screenshot_20200903-103951_mInventory.jpg        Screenshot_20200903-104503_mInventory.jpg

After receiving the batch successfully the quantity of the items will be updated.

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