How to make Items Inactive? - Mass Modification


An item can be changed to an inactive status once it no longer needs to be part of the business.

This function allows the user to make multiple items Inactive. The screen is accessed from the Management -->Inventory Classification -->Master Item screen.


You have to first select the items which you want to update, For example, if you want to Inactivate items from a particular Department/Category (any Classification/Attributes/Vendors etc.), you will need to select the Department from the dropdown and hit Search which will display all the items under the selected department.

If you want to select all the items from the department, click on the Check All button at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically select the first 100 items from the list if you want to modify more than 100 items at a time by pressing the "Next" button when selecting the items to modify. This will take the user to the next 100 items and they can select which ones to modify, then continue to the next 100, etc. 


Click on the Mass Modification button at the bottom.

Navigate to the Status field, select Discontinued from the dropdown --> Save.


Click here to see how to Inactive a single Item

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