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Follow the instructions to install the application on your smartphone:

Note: Before downloading the application file and installing it on your phone, ensure that the phone is set up to allow installation from unknown sources.

To install the i360 Pro on an Android device:

  1. Open Google Play Store and search for the i360 Pro app. 
  2. Tap the Install button. 
  3. Tap the Accept & download button to accept any terms. 
  4. Tap on the i360 Pro app icon to open the application.

Some mobile phones might start asking you directly to install the app so you don’t need to go to the app drawer and click Downloads to search the file there.

Login Into the application

Login into the application can be done in 3 ways:


If you are already a retailcloud customer with a retailcloud account, you can proceed with the app by clicking on the "Continue with retailcloud' button. 


Username: Enter the username supplied on your welcome letter (email). 

Password: Enter the password supplied in your welcome letter.

Company Code: Enter the Company Code supplied in your welcome letter. This is usually the name of your business.

Enter the above account details and hit Login to take you to the application dashboard.

Suppose you are already a user (Runner, Reviewer, Committer) or got invited to join the account. In that case, you can directly log in to the application by simply clicking on the Login button and entering your user credentials (EmailID & Password).


If you are a Runner (user) who specifically performs the cycle count process, you can directly click on the "Join Project" button to enter into your assigned project.

You can either scan the Cycle Count Project QR Code or else you can enter the Join Code in the field provided if you already have received one.


The dashboard of the application will be displayed soon after the user has logged in. The screen includes:

  • Cycle Count
  • Master Item
  • Printing
  • QOH
  • Receiving
  • Transfer
  • Adjustment
  • Locate Item 


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