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Finding a specific item within your warehouse or store can become a tedious task. It does not only cost time but also money. i360 Pro offers a fast solution to this issue by using an RFID Product Locator. Simply attach RFID tags to your items and use this feature to find the product.

This feature will help you locate those hard-to-find RFID-tagged assets, complete with visual (bar chart) and audio indicators (beep).

You can lower the stress imposed on your staff and increase the satisfaction of your customers with this high-precision search feature.

Locating Products

Click on the 'Product Locator’' button from the home screen. 

Select the product that you want to find on the app screen


Search by slowly walking with the scanner and start scanning

A bar chart is displayed on the screen which shows the relative distance to the item.

The beep sound informs you that you are approaching the product. The intensity of the beep increases when you reach closer to the item.

Screenshot_20220629-220943.png          Screenshot_20220629-221025.png

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