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Bar Tabs is a great feature that allows you to set up a pre-authorized amount for your guest. Credit card pre-authorization is an important and useful practice for merchants accepting payments in person or online and offers many benefits. With the pre-authorization of payments, merchants ensure their customers pay for the products and services they use. Merchants also save time and money by eliminating the instance of fees for refunds, MDRs, and the hassle of processing chargebacks. 

Credit/Debit Card Pre-Authorization is commonly used in high-volume bars and nightclubs. It allows bartenders/waitstaff to swipe a card on a customer’s order, save that information as their bar tab, and verify the validity of the customer’s bank account while also checking for funds.

How to enable Bar Tabs?

Head to your side menu panel on your POS → Scroll Down and Click on Configurations.

Under the configurations, → Go to the tab General → Scroll Down → To Enable Bar Tabs, Tap the Enable Button (If it orange it is enabled)


How to open Bar Tabs?

After you have enabled Bar Tabs → Go to Your Side Menu On POS→ Scroll Down and Click on Bar Tabs

Once you are on the Bar Tabs Page → Click on The “+ Add New Tab” button at the bottom.

2021-03-25_11_41_51-Screenshot_20210325-112815_Servio.jpg__-_Photos.png                   2021-03-25_11_42_39-Screenshot_20210325-112824_Servio.jpg__-_Photos.png


Then Fill in the information for the Guest → like Customer Name, Tab Name (Such as seat or description of the guest) & Amount(The amount is $100 by default).

Once you enter all required fields Click on the Authorize Button (note you should have guest payment ready to tap or swipe)


On entering card details, Transaction approved message will be displayed and a receipt will be printed for the AUTH with card details, amount, tab name & customer name.

Note: If you haven't added the Tab Name & Customer Name, on the bar tab list it will display as Guest Tab & Guest Customer.

How to Place an Order?

Go to the Bar Tab List And Click on the guest you want to place an order with


Place the order and send to the kitchen/bar as normal 

If you have an order under the tab already you will see the order details screen pop up. 

From here you can place an order, assign the tab to a table, and checkout from this screen.


You can place an order under this tab by clicking on the Circle cart icon in the bottom right corner 

How to Close Out?

To Close out a Bar tab you will just simply click on the checkout Button At the bottom of the order detail screen (like the picture above)

You will then come to the Post Auth screen which will ask you to enter the tip amount. This workflow is the same as adding a tip to any credit card transaction. Enter the tip amount into the Tip text field. Click Confirm.


Once it's approved it will take you to the receipt screen

That's it you're all checked out!

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