Inventory 360 is an Android Mobile app that can be used to manage products & inventory. Using Inventory 360 a business owner can create & manage products, receive inventory to their business locations, and print bar-coded labels. 



  1.  Item Management 
  2.  Inventory Receiving Projects 
  3.  Barcode Label Printing 
  4.  Inventory Count Projects 
  5. Inventory Transfer
  6. Inventory Adjustment
  7. Store Order
Feature Offline Support Notes

Item Management

- Item Creation

- Item Modification

- Item List /View


- No

- No


Requires a successful login.
Inventory Receiving No  
Barcode Label Printing Yes* Requires a successful login, We can use this functionality with the currently loaded items and receiving.
Inventory Count Yes* Requires a successful login
Inventory Transfer No  
Store Orders No  
Inventory Adjustment No  



PAX Store - Inventory 360 is currently available for PAX Store and retailcloud customers and can be obtained directly from the PAX Store for the supported handheld devices ( A920 )

Google Play Store - Coming Soon

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