Transfer Order


The user creates a store order to order products from one warehouse/store location to the other or transfers products from a storage unit to another within the warehouse. The user is either requesting the items from a warehouse or another store. This is in fact a store requesting merchandise from another store or a warehouse.

Creating Transfer Order

To create a transfer order  follow the below steps

  1. Click the 'Transfer Order ' button from the home screen. All the recent transfer orders will be listed on this page.
  2. To create a new transfer order, click on the ( + ) button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the Source & Destination location.
  4. Click on Add Items
  5. Enter the Item details or click on the Barcode Scan button to scan the barcode to transfer the inventory.
  6. You can update the quantity by clicking on the Qty field.                      Screenshot_20220818-133007_Inventory360_1_.jpg
  7. Scanned items will be listed on the screen, with Item UPC, & Quantity. Once inventory scanning is completed, click on the Create Order button to order the inventory.
  8. Once completed you will be taken to the page shown below which will have the transfer order details like transaction number, source & destination details, total ordered quantity, and transferred items details with quantity.
  9. Once everything is verified click on the Send button.
  10. You can enter any remarks/comments related to the transfer order on the next page and click Proceed.

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