Modify inventory levels to reflect changes in your actual inventory count that might not be in your records. Inventory adjustment refers to adjustment entries made in periodic accounting to account for differences between recorded and actual inventory items.

Inventory Adjustment is a 2-way process:

Step 1: Initiate Adjustment 

Step 2: Commit Adjustment

  1. Click the 'Adjustments' button from the home screen. All the recent adjustments will be listed on the page.
  2. To create a new adjustment, click on the ( + ) button at the bottom of the screen.Screenshot_20220819-164818_Inventory360_1_.jpg
  3. Choose the Location Type (Store/warehouse). Indicate the store or warehouse you want the inventory adjusted.
  4. Select an adjustment Type.
    • Final: Choose Final if the adjusting value in your quantity field will be your final quantity.
    • Add: Choose Add if you want to add additional quantities to your existing quantity.
    • Subtract: Choose Subtract if you want to reduce the value of your existing quantity.Screenshot_20220819-161854_Inventory360_1_.jpg
  5. Click on Add Items
  6. Enter the Item details or click on the Barcode Scan button to scan the barcode to adjust the inventory.
  7. You can update the quantity by clicking on the Qty field.                                           
  8. Scanned items will be listed on the screen, with Item UPC, & Quantity. Once inventory scanning is completed, click on the Initiate Adjustment button to initiate the adjustment of the inventory.
  9. Once the adjustment is initiated you will get a success message and will be taken to the page shown below which will have the adjustment details like transaction number, source & destination details, Status of the adjustment (Open/Closed), total adjusted quantity, total adjusted cost, and adjusted items details with quantity.
  10. Users can directly commit the adjustment from this page once all the items are added or else modify the initiated adjustment from the list.                 Screenshot_20220819-162256_Inventory360_1_.jpg
  11. Once everything is verified click on the Commit button.
  12. You can enter any remarks/comments related to the adjustment on the next page and click Proceed.
  13.  Once the user Proceed the transaction is committed and therefore completed or closed.

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