Quick Pick / Menu Assignment


Quickpick Menu

A Menu can have 

  • Unlimited  top-level pages a.k.a categories
  • Unlimited  items under each page 
  • Unlimited  attributes under each page 
  • Mix and Match item and attributes under each page

The menu can be assigned to a location or register, Currently, there is no UI function for this however if you have different menus for each register/location we can set it up for you.

Quickpick Menu Pages  

Each Menu page can have a Name, Description, and Color of your choice. 


Add a new Menu Page

From the home screen, click on the '  ' sign near the ‘All Items’ tab.

Name : Enter a name for the Quickpick

Description : Enter a description for the quickpick.

Color : Select a color for the quickpick from inbuilt colors. Users can customize the color needed.

Update / Delete a Quick pick Menu Page 


Quickpick Menu Page Items  

To add items to the quick pick menu created, select the quickpick menu button.

  1. Click on the '  ', which takes you to the item list /attribute list. You can also search for the items in the search field provided.

  2. Select the items and click 'Save'.

    Note: An Attribute is any type of attribute/classification you use such as ( Department, Category, Subcategory, Style, Color, Season, Brand )

    Pictures are not mandatory if the pictures are not available product name and the price will be shown on the gird. 

​       mceclip2.png

Update / Delete a Quick pick Menu Page Item 

Hold and force press an item from the list and you will see a delete icon and you can remove it from the menu. 

Deleting an item or attribute will never delete the product from the system, It will be just taken off from the menu


Grid View/List View

You have the option to toggle between Grid and List views on quick pages. 

Screenshot_20200908-143252_Servio.jpg                        Screenshot_20200908-143237_Servio.jpg

General Item 

General Item is a quick access button similar to a cash drawer where you can add a price or quantity to the cart if you do not have an item on the menu. It allows you to have the flexibility to change something you do not have added into the menu but just add a quick amount. You can access as below 


mceclip2.png.   mceclip3.png

Other Notes

  1. If you have multiple machines when you change a menu you can instantly receive updates on other machines by doing manual sync.
  2. "All Items" button is a default button shows up on the menu, You may use that if you do not have many items. However, you want to delete or hide the "All Items"  disable it under configurations. By default it is Disable.


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