Receipt Setup & Options


Receipt Setup

Navigate to Configurations --> Receipt

Using this feature, the merchant can input the Receipt settings so that on sales transaction the Headers and Footers are printed on the receipt. A Promotional Message (Max 120 characters) can also be added to the receipt.

Custom Labels : Surcharge labels can be easily customized here. 

Global Comments : Configure special handling notes or comments on orders which will be printed on kitchen printers as well as KDS. 

Receipt settings : If your location has 2 sales taxes and requires that the taxes be disclosed on the receipt separately - this can be enabled here.

Enable Kitchen Receipts : Enable or Disable Kitchen receipts. You can configure multiple kitchen printers here. (LAN, Bluetooth, USB, All, Manual).

Kitchen receipt on QSR Mode : Enable or Disable kitchen receipt for QSR mode.

Enable Kitchen Display : Enable or Disable Kitchen Display System(KDS). Click on the search icon for Auto Recovering the KDS device or manually enter the IP address in the provided fields.


Types of Receipt

  • Sales Receipt
  • Kitchen Receipt
  • Delivery Receipt

Reprint Receipt

To reprint the transaction receipt follow the steps below :

  1. Navigate to Menu → Reprint Receipt.

  2. Click on the desired transaction receipt to reprint.

  3. Select from 'Print Delivery Receipt', ‘Customer Copy’, ‘Merchant Copy’, or ‘Both’.


Global Kitchen Notes / Comments 

This feature allows for adding special handling notes or comments on orders which will be printed on kitchen printers as well as KDS. 

To add comments, go to the navigation bar--> Configuration --> Receipt --> Global Comments --> Add Comment. Enter the comment in the field provided and click save. You can add multiple comments here.

Before placing an order, go to the navigation bar → Click on ‘Add Comment’. Select the comment to be added and save. Multiple selections of comments are available. 

When you place the order this comment will be added to the order details and send to the kitchen.


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