Kitchen Printing & Routing


Setup Kitchen Printers

  1. From the Home screen, scroll from the left side in or press on the RC Settings in the upper left → Click on Configuration → Receipt.

  2. Enable Kitchen Receipts by clicking on ‘Enable Kitchen Receipts.
  3. Click on ‘Configure  Kitchen Printers’.
  4. To configure, click on ‘Add Printer’ and select the interface option (LAN, Bluetooth, USB, All, Manual).
  5. For manually adding printers, select ‘Manual’ from the interface, and enter the port name.

Click here to view Servio Certified Printers

Screenshot_20200910-141831_Servio.jpg                      Screenshot_20200910-141900_Servio.jpg

Kitchen Routing Rules

KDS will display the order rang in through the POS. Since the food order is placed at the point of sale, it has to be able to talk to the kitchen display system in order for food to route and show up in the back of the house.

Assign Subcategory to Printers

This feature gives you control over what and when items are sent to certain printers. With Servio you can now assign Subcategories to be sent to individual printers. For example, all of your drinks can be sent to the bar printer, while all appetizers, mains, and desserts can be sent to your kitchen to make sure no tickets get lost in the shuffle of running your restaurant.

Note: You’ll need to have a printer connected to your device before you are able to assign Subcategories.

Now you can automatically send items in specific categories to your kitchen or bar when you configure subcategories setting for your printers. For example, you can enable a Drinks Subcategory to send to the bar without coursing. 

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