Manual Synchronization

Sync Updates

Sales from POS are synced in real-time if you are connected to the internet. In the even system that goes offline periodical sync will post the content back and forth. 

Any changes updated on the cloud will be synced periodically (1 hr ). In the event, these changes need to be reflected immediately you can use manual sync. Some of the list changes which can be updated are 

  • Product Data
  • Menu Changes
  • Price Changes
  • Store Setup
  • Customers data
  • Any Offline Transactions
  • Employee Data

Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘ Manual Sync’ --> Sync Updates.


Sync Master Data

Where Sync Updates only synchronize recent updates, Sync Master Data updates all the data after registering the app. 


Store Configuration

This feature allows modifying store name, store hours, register name, and change tax rate. These are set by default so if merchants want to change it they can quickly change it and will take effect on their store.

  1. Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Company Settings’.

  2. Enter the company details in the provided fields.

  3. Click ‘Save’.



Store Name : Modify the name of the Store.

Store Hours : Add or modify store hours.

Register Name : Enter the register name.

Tax Rate : Modify the tax rate.


Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Management’.

Open Bank : This is the procedure performed to open the bank for the day. Enter the opening balance and click 'Save'.

Close Bank : This is the procedure performed to close the bank for the day. Enter the closing balance and click 'Save'.

Misc Cash : Misc cash is the money received or disbursed when no transaction or no inventory is sold. These are petty cash transactions. Enter the transaction amount and select from ‘Cash Receipt’ or ‘Cash Disbursement’.

Tip Payout : This allows the user to enter the amount of cash taken out of the drawer to give to your employees as tips. Enter the transaction amount and Click ‘Save’.



At the end of the day, print the Daily Sales Report. This will provide totals for the day’s sales activity. This report resets daily so your report data will always be for the current day only.

Batch Close

This feature will initiate the transfer of open credit card transactions from the pos register to the host bank. Verify that the screen indicates that the batch is accepted. Once the batch has been closed, a receipt will print verifying the batch closed amount.


Cash Drawer

Cash drawers are only supported on the E600 which has a charging station with peripheral ports available so a Cash Drawer can be integrated. When a cash sale is made the cash drawer will open.

The application also has the option to open the cash drawer by pressing the Cash Drawer button, to do that :

  1. Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Cash Drawer’.

  2. Click on ‘Open’ to open the cash drawer.


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