Gift Card Setup & Management


Servio Supports gift cards for Restaurants branded under your name.

Enable & Order Gift Cards

Please contact for purchasing the gift card. 

With our program

  1. Convert/Transfer  Existing Balances from existing gifts cards to 
  2. Have your own gift card with your logo and artwork
  3. Digital Gift Cards

Gift Card Activation 

Using Gift Card management Functions 

After the item has been sold, the users can activate the gift card by entering the gift card number, transaction number and amount. A transaction with a service item must be sold to activate a gift card.

  1. To activate the gift card, navigate to Menu → Gift Activation.

  2. Enter the Transaction No, Amount and Gift Card No.

  3. Click on ‘Submit’.

    Transaction Number is the transaction number which gift card was sold and this can be found on receipt ) Ex: 2020/1/2/123

    Screenshot_20200716-164600_Servio.jpg              Screenshot_20200716-164807_Servio.jpg 

Gift Card Balance Inquiry 

For balance inquiry, the user will just need to enter the gift card number and the remaining balance will be shown.

  1. To know the gift card balance, navigate to Menu → Gift Balance Inquiry.

  2. Enter the Gift Card No. ( This will prompt the user to swipe the card on the PAX device )

  3. Click on ‘ Check Balance ‘.

    Accept Gift card as Payment

  1. Add the items which you want to sell, checkout
  2. Click on Gift Tender
  3. Swipe / Manually  Enter Gift Card Number on the screen 
  4. Proceed as per instructions on the screen similar to other types of tenders ( Cash, Credit, Debit, etc )

Gift Card Reporting

Gift card sales are reported to retaicloud when a gift card is sold.  It will be reported on the day when the gift card is sold via cash, credit, etc 

Detailed Tender reports will be shown on Real-time Sales report under Gift tender when someone purchases using the gif cards. 

Individual transaction and Gift card balances report can be obtained from Gift Card Processors monthly statements  

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