CDS Configuration


Compactible with Pax E800 terminal with 8" Interactive Customer Display Screen. 

To set up the configuration for CDS, go to navigation bar --> Configuration --> CDS

Resting Screen

Choose what you want the screen to display to customers. The Resting Screen has four display options available :

Digital Display Text: Displays customizable digital text on the customer screen.

Digital Display Image: Displays dynamic and custom imagery on your Customer Display System.

Digital Display Carousel: Displays slideshows of a series of images on the screen.

Company Logo: Customize your user-facing display system with your business logos and images.


Theme Settings 

This allows you to enable or disable light theme/web view. The CDS Web View URL can be updated here.

Recommended Items

Increase the visibility of key products to shoppers by displaying items on the screen.  Enable or Disable CDS recommended items. 

Note: The device needs to enable this permission manually to show the CDS screen


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