Gift Card Setup & Processing


Having the ability to accept Gift Cards is a vital function in satisfying customer's needs. With Servio merchants can run all gift card-related functions quickly and seamlessly. We have a direct connection to STS for Gift card processing.

How to set up STS Gift Card?

  1. Login to POS, click on the menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘ Configuration’→ Gift
  2. Enter the Gift Merchant ID and Gift Terminal ID. (This will be provided by the gift card provider and Gift Terminal ID should be an individual number for each terminal.) 
  3. Click ‘Save’ to set up gift settings.

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How to sell a Gift Card?

Once gift card settings are done. Users will need to create a prepaid item that will be the item that will be sold when a customer purchases a gift card and then will activate it. 

Note: Servio will automatically create a variable price prepaid 'Gift' item with ItemID, UPC & Item name as "Gift" if there is no gift card item already created while gift card settings are saved.

To create a prepaid gift card item, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Swipe the navigation and access Products
  2. Click on Add New Products icon to add a new gift card item 
  3. Enter ItemID ( You can choose any number or alphanumeric combination ( Ex: GIFT1001, 1002, etc )
  4. Enter the Item Name(Ex: Gift Card, Holiday Gift Card, etc)
  5. Enter Selling Price 0$
  6. And choose Item Type as 'Prepaid'
  7. Click "Add Product"


Note: Gift card items can also be created using the back office. Any products which are created on one POS will be synchronized to other POS and back-office as well automatically.

How to buy using Gift Card?

  1. Start with adding gift card items to the cart by simply clicking on the item from the 'All Items ‘ list or Searching for the Item.
  2. Now you will get a Variable Price Item popup, enter the price and click Add to Cart button.
  3. Proceed by clicking the Gift tender button, enter the Gift Card Number, or simply swipe the card. (pax device)
  4. Click 'Proceed
  5. Proceed as per instructions on the screen similar to other types of tenders ( Cash, Credit, Debit, etc )

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How to Activate and do a Balance Inquiry?

Gift Card Activation 

Using Gift Card management Functions 

After the item has been sold, the users can activate the gift card by entering the gift card number, transaction number, and amount. A transaction with a prepaid item must be sold to activate a gift card.

  1. To activate the gift card, navigate to Menu → Gift Activation.

  2. Enter the Transaction No, Amount, and Gift Card No.

  3. Click on ‘Submit’.

    Transaction Number is the transaction number which gift card was sold and this can be found on receipt ) Ex: 2020/1/2/123

    2021-06-16_16_42_32-Screenshot_20210616-161641_Servio.jpg__-_Photos.png              Screenshot_20210616-161819_Servio.jpg

Gift Card Balance Inquiry 

For balance inquiry, the user will just need to enter the gift card number and the remaining balance will be shown.

  1. To know the gift card balance, navigate to Menu → Gift Balance Inquiry.
  2. Enter the Gift Card No. ( This will prompt the user to swipe the card on the PAX device )
  3. Click on ‘ Check Balance ‘



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