Save time and enable more efficient future service for customers by keeping records of their information. You can create a new customer or modify an existing customer here.

The customer tab includes:


Customer Groups

Create/ View Customers

Users create a customer to track customer sales. To create a new customer, the user can provide a customer number or check the box to have it automatically generated. The user provides customer details such as name, address, phone, email (mandatory field), and driver's license and can place the customer in either a frequency-based category or static groups. The user can create a customer on this screen or can modify an existing customer. 

To view and create customers, navigate to Customers → Customers. Already created customers will be listed here. Users can search for customers by providing details in any of the search fields.


Adding a new Customer

To add a new customer, click on the Add Customer button.

If you wish to add a new customer, leave the Customer Number auto-generated box marked so that you do not end up duplicating any customer records. Complete at minimum their name and email. Complete any other fields which you wish to include. If there are any customer groups to which you wish to assign them, you can do that here. When you are done, click Save. (Note: First/Last name fields max at 20 characters)


Click ‘Save’.



Enable Go Green

By using the Go Green email receipt, we offer a way to reduce the paper trail by giving customers the option of having their transaction receipts automatically emailed to them. 

Modify Customers

To modify an existing customer, enter one of the customer details and search to see a list of customers that match the criteria, then press Save after making the necessary changes. 

Click on the Customer Number to open the customer details.


Purchase History

This feature makes it possible to see the purchase history of a registered customer.

To view the purchase history of the customer, click on the “Purchase History” tab on the customer profile.

You will see the list of past transaction receipts connected to the customer. Click on the transaction number to see details.


Loyalty History

To view the history of the loyalty points, click on the “Loyalty History” tab. 



Add/Remove Points

Using the Add/Remove points, you can automatically manage the number of points in the Loyalty Program for customers.

Here users can add/remove the existing loyalty by clicking on the Add/Remove Pts button. Current points will be displayed here.

Choose Add or Subtract option and enter the number of points to add or remove.

Hit 'Save'.



You have the option to enable/disable SMS marketing for the customer by navigating to the Marketing section. Toggle the button to turn on and this will automatically turn off when the customer opts out of the campaign.



Group Level

The Group level section will display all the customer group levels where the customer is assigned.




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