Set up KDS


Once the KDS register is activated, the app will take you to the Setup page. Options on the Setup dashboard let you adjust general KDS configuration settings. You can configure KDS to your liking through its various settings. Nearly every part of KDS, user interface, and functional behavior has options you can modify.

You can adjust the text size, and notification settings to fit your kitchen’s unique setup. So your cooks can view orders in the way they prefer.




Options on the Display tab let you customize the appearance of the KDS display.

In the Font Size tab, select the font size for all text on the kitchen display 

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


Color coding identification in ticket headers shows the order type so cooks know whether to plate items or bag and box them. Easily identify ticket source, timelapse, modifiers, item comments, or order comments. This slight difference helps your cooks make each dish to customers’ specifications.


The source indicates what kind of order from customers. KDS displays these order types in a color-coded badge. You can identify the source of orders on the KDS if you color-code tickets from different sources.

There are 4 different order types submitted from POS. 


  • Instore - This is one of the most frequent order source in KDS which are instore/table orders.
  • Tikt - This order type appears when customers orders from the Tikt application.
  • Online Order - This order type always shows the Online Orders, where the customer sent the order to the restaurant from the linked online website.
  • Pickup - Pick Up order type appears when customers call in or order the food via an online platform/Tikt

Click on the source--> pick a color --> Ok


You can adjust the time intervals after which a ticket changes its color as a warning (light yellow) and late (light pink). Default values are 15 min. Click on the time (15 min) to change it to either 20min/25min/30min.


Modifiers & Comments

Customize font and background colors for modifiers and item/order comments.



Set customer alerts for new tickets or bumps a ticket. The sound will be played each time a new order appears or the order is bumped.


In the Sound tab, select the sound effect to be played when a new order has been entered and added into the kitchen display or select None to disable sound effects.



KDS automatically detects and adds the devices on your network, all the devices appear on the screen. 



You can enable or disable the digital bump bar here.


Once all the configurations are done, click on the SKIP button to go to the orders page.

Customize Buttons

The physical bump bar buttons can be mapped to any actions on KDS.


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