How does KDS work?


Now that you have KDS set up, customer orders will appear on your kitchen display(s) as tickets with the list of items to prepare.

KDS can accept orders from Servio POS, Tikt, and Online sites.

  • Login to POS
  • Add items to the transaction cart.
  • Click on the “SEND” button which automatically sends order details to the KDS screen.
  • KDS Rings Up when an order arrives.

Once an item rings through the POS, it displays on the KDS. Since the food order is placed at the point of sale, it has to be able to talk to the kitchen display system for food to route and show up in the back of the house.

On the main screen, all open orders are shown consecutively starting from the first open order. 
Orders that are closed will automatically move to the Closed Orders tab.

The first line of a ticket header contains the Serial Number & Ticket number. Then there is the time since the order was created and the server’s name.


If there are item modifiers and/or comments, they will be listed just under the item name. The ticket comment is shown in the footer.

A long ticket's size will automatically get adjusted so you can still see the entire ticket on one screen without scrolling.

As time passes, the ticket color will change to light yellow and to light pink, indicating orders that are almost or already late. The time period can be adjusted in Settings. To access the Settings page you will need to click on the gear icon and enter the user credentials.


The current screen shows all open or current orders. To view all orders (including hidden/completed ones), click on the left arrow to scroll through all orders starting from the last one. The right arrow will become available to scroll back.

Order Navigators

Users can use the Prev and Next buttons to navigate and select orders. The highlight will appear in the selected order. To view the next order on the current page, press Arrow Left and Arrow Right.


Arrow left 

The selection moves one ticket at a time to the left.

Arrow right

The selection moves one ticket at a time to the right.

KDS moves one order at a time to the left or right to display the next order.


Ticket actions include the following:

Change Status: Order status can be set to let other kitchen staff or food runners know the cooking progress. Clicking on the Change status will update the status of the ticket from INITIATED --> PROCESSING --> READY --> DELIVERED

Hold Ticket: Holds the selected ticket. 

Move to First: Moves the selected ticket to the first place

Move to Last: Moves the selected ticket to the last place

Move Forward: Moves the selected ticket to one place forward

Move Backward: Moves the selected ticket to one place backward



Bump Orders

When the preparation process is completed for each order, you can touch the ‘Bump’ button to denote that the order is ready to be served. When the ‘Bump’ button is touched, the ticket disappears but can be recalled by clicking the ‘Recall’ button.

Click on the BUMP button to select the ticket, the ticket will get highlighted with green color. Another click on the bump button will bump the order.


Closed Orders

Show all completed orders when ‘Closed order’ is clicked. Here you have the option to recall the closed tickets.


Recall Orders

Recently fulfilled orders can be recalled in the event that an order needs to be remade or reviewed. The Recall will return a previously bumped order back to the KDS Display. To recall a closed ticket tap on the Recall button and tap the ticket you wish to recall.

Note:- Orders exceeding more than 6 hours cannot be recalled.


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