Employee Setup & Tracking


Add Servers / Employees

Employees can be created and modified on Servio. To view and create employees, click on the menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Employees’. The employee list will be displayed.

Note that employees can also be created on the nGauge mobile app.

Adding a new Employee

  • To add a new employee, click on the add employee sign at the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter the employee details in the field provided.

  • Click ‘Save’.

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With employee setup, you are able to create and modify Cashier level employees.

Email: We recommend entering their email address so that when a password is forgotten, the temporary reset password can be sent to their email address.

 NotePlease make sure you put in the user's correct email address so they can reset their password if they get locked out or receive a notification if their passwords are about to expire.

Setup PIN / Password

Password: Should be 7-20 characters alpha-numeric only, no spaces and we recommended it to be something unique and easy for the employee to remember.

PIN: Must be a 4 digit numeric code unique to that user.

These users will have access to the mInventory mobile app, but will not be able to access the nGauge application

How to add Employees through the nGauge App?

Employee Attendance

 This feature allows all employees to clock in and out of the system using their employee username and password or their 4 digit PIN. Users can do a normal clock in and out or a forced clock in and out.

To clock in /clock out employees, click on the menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Clock In/Out’.

Employee Clock in /out 

Password-Based Normal Clock In / Clock Out


  1. Select Clock In or Clock Out

  2. Select from Normal or Force Clock In

  3. To do a forced clocked in / out enter authorized employee credentials.

  4. For Normal clock in, enter the username, password, time and register ID.

  5. Click 'Submit'.

PIN Based Forced Clock In/ Out

Forced entry can be used by an administrator to alter the date and time of an employee's login/logout time. Date and time can only be changed using the forced entry option.


Authorized Employee PIN : Enter the 4 digit PIN that is assigned to the authorized employee.

Employee ID : Enter the Employee ID of the employee who needs to clock in/out.

Time : Time will be auto-populated in this field. Alter the time if required.

Register ID : This will be auto-populated.

Assign Sales Person

This feature allows you to assign/add a salesperson to a particular sales transaction with corresponding reports on the web portal to keep track of sales per salesperson. The cashier can select which employee the sale is attributed to from all clocked in employees and you can select one or more employees, giving 100% of the sale to one employee or splitting the sale among multiple employees.

From the Home screen, scroll from the left side in or press on the RC Settings in the upper left → click on ‘Add SalesPerson’. Select the employee and click Save.


Attendance Reporting

This report provides you with a record of the number of hours where employees were clocked in, it can provide details for a date range or by on a daily basis. Go to Reports --> Print --> Attendance Report.

The report can be filtered by TodayYesterday, and Custom Date. This can be selected from the dropdown box. For Custom Date, select the date range using the pop-up calendar for the Start Date and End Date.


User is also given two option to print ;

  • Summary Report

  • Detailed Report (Employee wise clock-in/clock-out details with date and time)



When a report is generated, the user can see the Location, Printed Date & Time, Employee, Attendance Period and the time in the hours: minutes format of when the employee clocked in and out.

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