inServ App is retailcloud’s lightweight restaurant app built for servers/waiters to manage orders and tasks from mobile or tablet for smarter table management. The app organizes your order taking in the restaurant. It ensures that your Tikt dine-in orders are delivered accurately through features like order taking, table assignment, accept payments, Item 86ing, and such likes. It has seamless integration with Tikt and functions perfectly on your Android and iOS devices.


Also, it gives the live status of the dine-in area and order queue. Thus, waiters can perform the required action for each table. You eliminate the traditional pen n’ paper method and offer prompt deliveries. Additionally, your waiters get their entire agenda in their hands, which results in fewer errors and faster deliveries. Hence, you impart better guest services.

Supported in both android and iOS platforms for mobile phones where the servers get instantly notified when a guest places an order or requests any services, can accept orders right from the customer table and the same is being communicated to the kitchen in a fraction of a second. This saves a lot of time and avoids confusion during peak hours. 


  • Manage Multiple Orders
  • Assign Tables On the Go
  • Instant Notifications
  • Increase Speed Per Head
  • Enhanced Order Accuracy
  • Faster Table Turnover
  • Server Reporting
  • Assign Tasks to Servers
  • Manage Open Auths
  • Role-Based Management


App Store: iOS users will be able to locate the inServ app through the  App Store.

Play Store: For Android devices, customers can download their inServ application from the Google Play Store.

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