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Tap on the inServe icon server_app.png to open the app on your device.

Login with Password

Provide the login credentials into the following fields.




This will be the username for your respective user. You can have a different username, passwords for different types of users (Admin, Manager, Financial, Expediter, Server, Server2)


Enter the user password.

Company Code

Enter the Company Code supplied in your welcome letter. This is usually the name of your business


Login With Pin

This is a PIN entry feature where the user can log in with a 4 digit pin number. This simplifies the login process, saving time, and allows for an easier-to-remember PIN. User name/password would not be required. The pin does not expire and the forgotten pin must be reset on the Console web portal.


Note: The last chosen option to log in (PIN/Password) will be set as the default login page.

The home screen of the application will be displayed soon after the user has logged in. The home screen displays the Dashboard.

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