Managing Orders


View all the Tikt orders and start managing orders as they’re prepared in the kitchen. The order automatically populates onto the Order tab which can be immediately sent to the kitchen/KDS so they can fulfill it. 

inServ has role-based operations management allowing Expediters and higher roles to see all assigned table tasks/orders while Servers can only see those from their own tables reducing confusion and improving customer service.

Placed orders from Tikt will be listed on this page.


Order Notification

When a guest places an order through the Tikt application, a popup notification is displayed on the inServ application. This should be enabled from the application settings.


Assigning Orders to a Server

You can also assign orders to servers by clicking on the corresponding ‘paper plane icon’ 2021-06-28_17_49_21-Screenshot_20210625-174514_inServ.jpg__-_Photos.png which will list the available servers. Select the server you want to assign the order to and then click on the arrow button 2021-06-28_17_51_29-Photos.png at the bottom right of the screen.

Now the order will be successfully assigned to the selected server.

Changing Order Status

You can also set up the different order statuses to map your entire operation and let you know when the order is “Initiated”, “Sent for Processing”, "Processing", "Ready”, "Delivered" or “Cancel”.

When the order is received on the app, the default status will be ‘Initiated’. To change the status, just click on the INITIATED button.


Once the order is ready, update the order status and proceed with delivering orders. All status updates can be sent to the customer. Once the order is delivered, change the status to ‘Delivered’.

Processing Orders

Click on the order to view order details. Shows the order details such as:

  • Ticket Number
  • Table Name
  • Customer name
  • Date and time
  • Order ID
  • POS ID
  • Amount
  • Timer since ordered (for Open orders)
  • Order Status
  • Ordered Items details by batch (item details: Item name, cost, modifiers, items notes, course)
  • Payment details for closed orders (Subtotal, tax, tip, discount, total)

2022-07-04_16_40_03-image_123986672__26_.JPG__-_Photos.png                        2022-07-04_16_41_00-image_123986672__27_.JPG__-_Photos.png

Open Order Details                                                            Closed Order Details

To proceed with the open orders, click on Send To Kitchen to send the orders to the kitchen. 

Select a course and send items to the kitchen separately by clicking the Send button at the bottom of the screen.

Understanding Item Status

An item on the Open Order Details screen can have one of four statuses. These statuses are used to quickly show what stage of the order process the item is at.

yellow.jpg       There is no action taken for the particular item (Default)

blue.jpg         In Prep - Item In Preparation at the Kitchen

green.jpg        Ready - Item Ready for Delivery

pink.jpg         Delivered - Item Delivered to Customer

Adding New Items to an Order

Users can add new items to an existing order from the inServ app. Follow the instruction to add items:

  1. Go to the Orders tab --> Click on the order to view order details
  2. Click on the 'cart icon' cart.png at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Search for the item and just click 'ADD'

The item will be added to the order in a new batch.

2021-06-29_11_57_10-Screenshot_20210625-182107_inServ.jpg__-_Photos.png                        2021-06-29_11_58_13-Screenshot_20210625-182124_inServ.jpg__-_Photos.png

Void an Item

This option allows the user to clear the item from the Order. Follow the instruction to void an item:

  1. Go to the Orders tab --> Click on the order to view order details.
  2. Swipe the Item from left to right to view more options ( Only the items which are not processed can be cleared) 
  3. Click on the red VOID button to clear the Item from the order.


Adding Item Discount/Comp 

This option allows the user to add Item Level Discounts to the items in an order. Follow the instruction to add a discount to an item:

  1. Go to the Orders tab --> Click on the order to view order details.
  2. Find the item you wish to add a discount on and swipe the Item from left to right to view more options.
  3. Click on the blue DISCOUNT button to apply a discount to the item.
  4. Choose a Discount Option (Discount/Comp) and click Apply

You have the option to add a custom discount by choosing the Custom option and entering the desired amount.

Note: Other discounts need to be configured from the backend portal to display here.


Closed Orders

All the closed orders will be displayed under closed tabs. You will be able to view all paid order transaction details.


Order Filters

You have the option to filter the orders by Order status and Source of the orders.

2022-07-04_16_28_42-2022-07-04_16_01_44-image_123986672__22_.JPG__-_Photos.png__-_Photos.png                    image_123986672__24_.JPG


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