Managing Open Auths


Credit/Debit Card Pre-Authorization is a feature commonly used in high-volume bars and nightclubs. This feature allows bartenders and waitstaff to swipe a card on a customer’s order, save that information as to their bar tab, and verify the validity of the customer’s bank account while also checking for funds.

inServ can filter out and show only open pre-auth receipts. Follow the instructions for Closing unpaid Open-Auths


How to Close Unpaid Open Auths?

  1. Go to the menu → Select Open Auths.  A list of receipts is shown on the screen that is awaiting a post-auth transaction. We can select that receipt and close it out.
  2. Click on a transaction to open the cart item screen which displays the transaction details.
  3. Proceed with the CHARGE THE CARD button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. From the Authorization pop-up window, you can select the card if multiple cards are saved.
  5. Click on the Capture button to capture the amount and complete the sale. Once done a payment successful pop-up will appear.     

Screenshot_20210628-162654_inServ.jpg                        Screenshot_20210628-162708_inServ.jpg

If an open receipt is not closed when the End of Day runs, it will not be approved, nor will the card be charged for any payment. Make sure you close out all receipts before running your end-of-day function

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